World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

So WoW has a new expansion coming out and it’s all about Pandas.  Jump the shark much?

  •  level to 90 (5 more levels)
  • re-using existing dungeons, making them heroic
  • new race (Pandas), new class (Monk – melee DPS, healer, tank)
  • new talent system (18 total instead of 40)
  • scenarios (1-3 players, timed combat with medals)
  • timed dungeon runs
  • pet battle system (Pokemon!)
  • 3 new raids
Basically, they are adding new systems to try and keep the more casual players around.  Cataclysm, rather than increasing numbers, dropped them by over 10% with it’s more hard set focus.  We’re in the Angry Birds age now, games need to have a friggin’ strong appeal to be worth 15$ a month.
Finally, as an interesting aside since I wrote a Rogue Guide  for the game, they have been slowly taking a giant dumparoo on the class.  They were the only true melee damage class at first as each class had one specific role they did well and some other ones they were ok at.  Well now Warriors, Death Knights, Druids and Monks are all  in melee and every single one provides additional utility.  To quote Blizzard on reasons to bring a Rogue:
reasons to get a rogue now are things like poisons, interrupts and stuns

Just so everyone is clear on this, every class has an interrupt and a stun.  Every last one.  Poisons only affect the rogue  (increased damage) and provide no benefit to the group.  Take a look at their new talents and see how out of 18 talents, there are maybe 4 you’d take if you were not actively PvPing.  I guess they want to remove Rogues from the PvE game.