Game of Thrones

I’ve read the first two books (of 5) and have yet to watch the TV series.

Similar to Rowling, Martin is a good writer but a bad author.  You can easily visualize the setting and the people, there is some character growth (though stereotypical) and there are no loose ends.  The downside is that he will spend 2-10 chapters explaining a given situation, hyping up an event and then providing a Deux Ex Machina to completely bypass it.

There are times where it’s warranted, where an author has simply painted themselves into a corner and needs to close a loophole.  Martin uses it religiously, dozens of times in both books though the second is the most evident.  Quite honestly, there is ZERO character progress in the second book.  You could completely ignore it and realize the story and characters haven’t moved an inch.  Each time he alludes to something major happening, some miracle happens to avoid it.  Even a major character death (which happens “off-screen”, all too often in the books too), he successfully brings them back from the dead by hiding in the basement.  While the building burns and crumbles on top of them.  And they leave without a scratch and completely unaware until they leave. Just…wow.

So, I’m done with those books.  On to something new or maybe even old.

Edit: I forgot to add, that this writing method is used in the first chapter of the 3rd book, essentially making it worthless.