The weekend

So the long weekend is here, yipee!  Fishing and beer and family, great stuff.

On the side, Deus Ex is one of, if not the best game I’ve played this year.  Infamous 2 is good too but this game is amazing.  Action/stealth RPG with a great story and art direction.  Like playing Blade Runner.

On the other side I got into a rather important beta this week for a rather large game.  There’s still an NDA, so no posting details but suffice it to say that the game is still in beta and that the projected media timeframes for a deliverable are EXTREMELY aggressive based on what I’ve seen.  This coming from someone who has tested and played every MMO that has breached the 50K subs market except for EvE.  The stuff in there is ok when it works but there’s not enough stuff.  SO much great artwork and it’s like an empty shell.  Ugh