Update to Feb post

I’m back!

DCUO – as expected the servers merged this week.   A lot of new content, still lots of bugs.  I give it 6 months to go free to play or close.

Rift – a million active subs, a great game.  I just don’t have time to play.  It really is quite good but there are too many grinds in it currently for my tastes.  I think WoW has spoiled me into thinking I should be raid ready in a month of playing, not 3.

Dragon Age 2:  Demo was fun.  Game, not so much.  All the fun was gone from the first one, which admitedly was just the strategy part.  Ugh, so much potential wasted.

Infamous 2:  Great game, great story.  Tons improved over the first one.  Way way too short and the game is balanced upon plateaus.  You start weak in a zone, finally get an ability that makes all events trivial for about 30 minutes, then move to a new area.  Repeat 4 times.  I can see this being further improved upon but its still damn good.

FF13:  I played this last fall then again during the summer.  After the first time, I still have the same reservations about the way too linear story but I tried a different approach to combat.  The 2nd last boss (the last one has always been a joke) killed me consistently with a random death spell for an hour – which is one of the dumbest mechanics I have ever seen.  My characters were about 95% maxed too by that point.  The near thing about the linear aspect though is that the bosses are balanced since the game knows just about how powerful you will be at any given time.  Contrast this to past FF games where you could powerlevel early on for a huge advantage or conversely, need to grind in order to progress.