What's You Playin'?

Civilization V.

You know that feeling you had when you first tasted apple pie and you were like “damn, this is the best thing ever”?  Then you had an even better apple pie with ice cream?  Imagine they made ice cream out of apple pie, distilled down to its greatness in an easy to eat package.  That’s Civ V.

Everything* has been improved upon.  Hex tiles for better movement.  More land improvements, better politics, better research, more culture, happiness means something, terrain combat means something, military unit improvements, no more stacking 1000 hopplites against a single tank.  (*)The only thing that seems to be worse is the computer AI but I am guessing that will come with a patch.

I picked this up on Tuesday night and put in 6 hours after I downloaded it from Steam.  Time just flies by and all you can think is “I can play another turn”.  That other turn means an extra 50 turns.  This game is crack.

On a side-ish note, you should be using Steam for game purchases.  They have every game you can think of, a log of the games you have so you can reinstall it on another computer (laptop and desktop for me!), many games save their files on the Steam network so you can continue from one PC to the next. Not to mention the games are always cheaper and often come on sale.  Try it out!