Where's Leo?

Dang man, where you at?

A few things lately.  General business, mainly stemming from writing a guide for STO, which by the way launched today.  Should you play it?  No, not today.  Maybe in a few months.  There’s missing about 3 months of dev time on the game for it to be tier 1.  Right now, it’s a simple, single player game that you have to pay 15$ a month to play.  Doesn’t make sense to me.

Second.  Mass Effect 2.  See, I love Bioware so take this with a grain of salt but Mass Effect 2 is the best game they have ever made.  And this coming from someone who LOVES Dragon Age.  It might not be as long but damn if there aren’t dozens of times where I paused and thought, wow.  Whoever wrote the script for this game deserves medals, heaps of medals.  Every single aspect that was wrong in Mass Effect 1 has been corrected.  No more Mako.  Inventory makes SENSE!  Better skill management.  More dialog options. No more elevators!!!  It took about 30 hours to finish and I did all the side stuff.  Let’s say there are 24 missions, give or take.  Each one has 2-5 choices to make, which change the outcome of the game.  Then there are the choices when you’re NOT on a mission.  It’s really quite ridiculous.  You could play the game 10 times and have 10 completely different experiences.

Last but not least, work.  I’ve been pondering some things at the job the past few weeks.  Trying to find some direction in what appears to be a pool of trouble.  I had a week of training last week which seems to have made the waters clearer but at the same time made the pool about 20 times bigger.  Fun times…

Meat fest is coming up though.