Been a while, ugh.  Couple things first.

1) I’ve been working on putting on muscle / losing weight for a while now, since the start of May.  I did 3 months of pretty strong effort then let it slip BAD in August.  September so far has been pretty regimented.  I’ve decided to stop drinking for the time being too, which made last Saturday quite interesting.  Regardless, the task is at hand and I plan on losing the last 10 by the end of October.  Once September ends, I’ll be re-evaluating my diet too, I’m feeling like I might be a little too low on caloric intake.  If you want to keep track of the progress, check out my BodyBuilding.com profile.  I’ll spend more time over the next week filling it in and try to get steady weigh-ins going too.

2) Work is crazy.  Next!

3) Most people know that I love Shadow of the Colossus.  It’s #2 all time (behind X-COM, which you can get from STEAM for cheap).  I posted a while back on that developer’s new project, Last Guardian.  Below is an additional clip.  It starts with a retrospective but the clip is eerily realistic.  I watched it about 10 times and every time I feel as if I’m watching something real wake up.  Amazing.