Liberals/Democrats vs Conservatives/Republicans

I try to avoid politics.  It generally causes conflict.  Hah!  First.  History lesson.

Conservative = staying the course, reticent to change, stable

Liberal = embraces change, risky, fast paced

Historically, it’s been in many people’s best interests to be conservative.  This has allowed people to grow within confines, reduce environmental variables and generally assist in the growth of population.  ie: make more people, grow stronger.

Liberal movements come into play when you have a sound foundation.  You have surpluses of food and money.  Lots of people.  Lots of ideas.  Liberal thoughts allow a culture to grow.  ie: allows innovation, grow smarter.

The first web browser was made available in 1991.  So if you think about it, people born from 1980+ are initimitely familiar with the internet.  Younger you get, the more so.  The speed and information on the net is inherently liberal.  Everything has to be new.  It gives everyone a soap box.  People born before 1980 or people who can’t afford a computer and internet access are traditionally conservative.  They were brought up during recessions, hard times, wars.  They require stability.  These are simply generalizations, there are definitely exceptions.

What am I getting at you ask?  Simple.  Where tradition states the older you get the more conservative you become, this is become less and less so with the advent of mass communication.  40 year olds are adapting to new ideas and structures at a pace never seen before.  People are getting used to constant change and flux.  The Canadian election is proof of this.  The same old same old pushed away 40% of all voters.  There’s no change, therefore, no interest.  The US elections are similar.  Obama’s line is all about change and he’s pulling out people left right and center to vote for it.  This, in the middle of the worst economic recession in 80 years, the perfect time to BE conservative.

I find this all very fascinating.