American Politico

I’m a self-aware liberal.  Not to the extreme but more towards center.  Now that that’s out of the way, yes, I do think Obama is the next president.  I also thought that McCain should have won against W 8 years ago, he just didn’t have the money to push through.  He does have common sense approaches to most items but make no mistake, his is a republican and his believes in military might.

If you’ve been following it at all, you’ve no doubt noticed the republicans are taking the low road.  Old politics really, where you spend more time and money abassing your opponent than shinning a light on you.  An election is really about selecting the person you fear the least.  It’s stupid (Conservatives here will get a backlash from it).

The last one from McCain was hillarious.  It compares Obama to celebrities.  Sorry John but that’s exactly what being President is about in this day in age.  No one elects a President they hate.

Obama released his own message.  Now pay close attention because this ad doesn’t attack McCain so much as it attacks the ad – and it finished with a positive note.  Look at that tag line!

As much as the world assumes Obama is the next President, they are not the ones voting.  He needs to win the bible belt.  The place where they actually beleive Satan exists in people, Creationism is a fact and whites are the superior race.  It’s almost a 3rd world country in some areas.

Here’s to a very entertaining 4 months.