Finance Finance Finance

This is probably one of the most difficult conversations to have in a couple.  Someone always makes less than the other.  Initially the feeling is we should pay a equal percentage of income but that really complicates things in the long run.  For example, if I put 500 and you put in 750 a month, it might be the same percentage on the shot but after 5 years I have 30,000 and you have 45,000 which is a huge difference.  If things go sour, how do you split things up?  Both people use things equaly, why should they pay differing amounts?  If you happen across some extra money, do you put in more that time or not?

Because of the complications in percentages, I’ve always been a fan of set numbers.  It’s MILES easier to figue out in the long run and you can easily count the numbers in your head.  Plus, if things don’t go smooth, the end result is a lot easier for both parties to come to terms with.

I’m glad I have a singificant other who has a financial mind and can see both sides of this question.  It’s a lot easier to move forward that way and no one feels targetted.  One more step complete!