Prince Caspian

Saw it last night.  Read the book a while back.   There are quite a few liberties taken here, certainly the castle raid.  The last battle was about 1 page in the book and last 15 minutes in the movie.  A lot of the religious allegory is missing to the point where the message seems to be “only kids can believe in God”.  Makes it sound like the tooth fairy.  I guess the older you get the easier it is to notice such things, which is sort of the point.

To go off track for a minute, why do religious groups have trouble with The Golden Compass and not this?  Amazing.

Is it good?  Yup, it’s a 3 star movie.  The BBC version is better though and that’s a TV show!

Oh, forgot to add; Tuesdays at my cinema are horrid.  The moved the automated ticket machines around, half are broken so there’s lines of 40 people waiting to use one machine.  Redonkculous.