Age of Conan

Ok, it took about 3 hours to get everything up and running but the box has sound and wifi!  Finally got a bit of AoC in there and I am pleasantly surprised.  Meeting with Valeria in the first bit was a nice touch.  The graphics are something else, very vivid and clean.  Now granted, I only have WoW to compare to so it’s definitely a step up.

Downside is the leveling scheme.  I’m only 14 but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to acquired skills per level.  Sometimes I’ll get 2, other times I’ll go 3 levels without anything.  Also, I think combat casting is broken.  I put in 80 pts a long time ago and haven’t been interupted since (6 levels ago), yet there’s more than 60pts that I can now put in.  Seems odd.  Also, glass canon is the word for a Demonologist.  It would appear every class can take multiple enemies (the goal of the game from what I see) with some effort.  I cannot take 2 even level characters at once, the damage is simply too low.  I need to find a new angle!

Oh, and the Beerfestival this weekend was a blast.  Glad everyone was able to make it!  Pics inc.