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I’ve been following this game for about 2 years now.  My father was a huge Conan comic book fan and hence, so was I.  The primal nature of the cimmerian is what draws people in.  The bad guys are the complicated ones (barely so), the rules are set from the beginning and the combat is both internal as it is external.  It’s the simplicity of it all that pulls me in each time.  That and the amazing artwork.

So, Age of Conan released the other day.  I tried to get into the beta with no luck (300,000 in from what I heard) and just kept abreast of the news.  Most people thought the game was pretty attrocious, graphics, load times, monotonous, etc… your usual gripes with a stress test.  I went through Closed, Open and stress betas with WoW, there was a significant difference between them all.

Regardless, the game came out and the folks who played the beta have turned ship and said they love it.  Obviously, it’s still VERY early in the cycle to give a yay or nay vote but I’ll be giving it a shot tonight.  Deathwhisper server if you’re interested.