Dear God

This is really something.  I read through the first few pages.  People wonder why my generation and those younger are so distant from religion.  Read the damn posts.

Done?  Now holy bejesus.  Would you feel comfortable talking to a 60+ year old man who’s been seperated from society for his whole life about any of these topics?  The post about image/PR is a good one.  In our parents + years, things were slower.  One person could earn enough for a family, there was time to digest things.  Nowdays, everything is lightspeed, no time to do anything properly, everyone needs to work to stay afloat (even millionaires).  Who do you turn to?

Dear God is exactly WHY religion exists.  Church is not religion.  Asking questions to the nether, hoping to clear your head.  Settings your morals and your thoughts together to see clearer.  That’s what it’s about.

There is truth in pain.  There is growth.  Until you fall down, you never know what true strength you have.  Quite the read.