GF Has Moved In

Of the multiple steps in a relationship, the “living together” phase, to me, is the most important and significant one.  It’s really the make or break part.  Marriage isn’t it, kids either.  You really learn to know and love someone once you live with them.  I have been semi living with her for the past, oh month I guess.  The move in date was confirmed last week but we knew it would happen before the end of the month.

Point?  Simple enough I guess.  I have a great dislike for moving.  I’ve done enough of it in the past, 90% of people are HIGHLY disorganized.  It happens in the rain most times (ugh…) and there’s a general lack of communication around where things go.  Honestly, it’s the type of job that needs foreman on both ends of the move to coordinate.  You let people decide on their own where stuff will go and it’s going to take hours longer than it should.

Move is complete.  90% of the stuff is unpacked.  Gave us the chance to do some spring cleaning and pass along about 5 bags of clothes and 3 boxes of double items.  That’s good.

Is it good that I have a live in partner?  See, before we both had our refuges.  Think about it.  Something goes wrong, you can go back to “your place” for solace.  Not that I ever really needed it, things just seem to run smooth as silk.  Still, the illusion of space is a powerful one.  Losing that is what I alluded to in the first place.  That’s why a lot of people freak out.  Small things become big things.  You can’t ever catch your breath.  It’s a lot to swallow in a short period of time.

Am I happy?  Yes, make no mistake about it.  I think this is a good step and I am a very lucky man to have found my lucky lady.  It’s yet to fully sink it (since I’m not the one that moved) but the fact that a major step of the relationship has passed has not passed unseen.  As I told the GF, I don’t think I’ll truly grasp it until we have a chance to celebrate it.  Share it with some friends and family as a true couple living together.

Yay me!