My Cup Runneth Emtpy

Long story short, which will probably be long anyhow, the month of February is my busiest month of the year for 3 years running. It seems losing those 2 days doesn’t equate to actually doing 2 days less work.

So while I’m fortunate to have a position that not only pays well and pays overtime, my family/sanity is my bartering price. And that is a very steep price to pay.

I’m still popping in a game here and there but nowhere near enough to actually decompress. My bus commute is about 45m each way, so I read my RSS feeds to keep abreast. Twitter is useless really, since it’s too fast and I have no time to digest.

The good news is that next week I’m on another vacation – a cruise once again. No internet, just the sea and a gin (or 3). Maybe the month of April will bring some more room to breathe again.

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