More Glory – QfG1 Part 2

After exploring the town, my Thief is ready to head out into the wild.  Heading up North I meet up with the healer.  After finding her ring in a nearby nest, she was nice enough to let me know about all the things I can do around here.  Note to keep, I can make some money collecting deadly Cheetaur claws.  Woo.

Off out I go again, looking to the Baron’s keep.  First up is a fighting trainer.  Given my skill in combat (quite literally the fact that I have any points in Parry) he opts to train me in combat.  I give it a shot and get handed defeat in short order.  Apparently neophytes can’t beat masters, no matter what the movies tell us.


After the fight, I ask a few more questions to the guards about the Baron’s curse. Seems there might be some activity nearby related.  Sure enough, a nearby cave, guarded by a massive ogre, has a kobold keeping the Baron’s son hostage, under a spell.  A few fireballs (I did mention I took up magic right?) and down the baddie goes.  Looting a key, I free the Baronet and head back to the castle for a nice party.  Not the nicest guy in the world but the gold reward is well needed!  Plus, 1 of 2 kids found.

At this point I decide to do some exploring and attempt to level up some stats as combat with that Ogre and Kobold was pretty tough.  QfG, a series as a whole, has maps that are mostly used as filler I guess.  About 50% of all the areas on the map are empty and therefore have a chance at generating an enemy.  Sometimes it’s just fun to run around these places to find enemies to fight, in order to increase your RPG stats.  You certainly get to meet some interesting folk!

Giant Cheetah Attack

Giant Cheetah Attack

Big Teeth

Big Teeth

So now, not only do I have Cheetaur claws for the healer, but quite a few stat boosts to help too.  I didn’t max anything out but I did pass the 50% mark on the majority of things.  Before taking on the next half of the Quest, I decide to explore a bit more.  I remember Zara talking about Erasmus being nearby, and being a powerful wizard maybe he can provide me with more wiz-bangs.

Erasmus, and his talking pet rat Fenrir, as the heart and soul of the puns in-game.  I don’t think they ever said a single serious word.  It’s funny in that the puns stink as much today as they did back then.  Yay for rose-colored glasses!

Due to my proclivities with magic spells, Erasmus challenges my to a wizards duel.  No, there’s no magic wands and hokey latin.  Instead we fight by proxy with little flames.  The trick is to move stones and bridges and get my little blue guy from the top left to the bottom right.  It takes a few tries, and quite a few mana potions, but I finally get the win!


After the battle, I get a bit more information from the wizard about the baroness.  Clearly she’s under an enchantment that I need to dispel.  Seems like I have a target for the next step of the quest.



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