What If?

Long weekend = relaxing = reading.

After having it come up during a conversation last week, I decided to pick up The Chrysalids and The Day of the Triffids, both by John Wyndham.  Easy enough reads but rather chocked full of ideas.

Both focus around society’s attitudes after a cataclysmic event and both have interesting narrative points of view.  It really was the age of Golden Science Fiction and truth be told, I’m incredibly drawn by the ideas.  The whole concept of that era is the “What If?” line of thought and seeing how today’s society (at the time) would fit into it.

Today’s sci-fi is pretty trashy and more focused on the technology than the characters.  At least from the few that I’ve read.  The sense of awe and exponential growth is lost on today’s authors and instead we get Dan Brown’s getting all the media attention.

Still, the whole what if idea really gets you thinking.  What if we are all islands in a massive ocean, disconnected by the sea but connected through the land underneath?  What if we all share different facets of the same unconscious world in our dreams? What if we are more than the total amount of our cells?  What if our “souls” have connections?  How do we explain the repeatable paranormal, our empathic links with close friends?

It sounds religious, and truly I think this is where religion should focus itself, but the idea that we are, as a whole, united in growth is refreshing.  It’s like the human individual potential has been fully tapped and the next step (which we are in mid-stride) is the social potential – the ability for many minds to accomplish a common goal.  A step further would have us be able to do that without a proxy, simply by nature.  Who knows…

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