I don’t have the best computer but I have a decent one.  The specs to play Skyrim are less than they are to play Rift for some reason, even though I think they look better here.  Eh.  Regardless, I’ve killed 2 dragons now, explored a half-dozen dungeons, freed a town, climbed a mountain, killed a bunch of mountain cats (saber tooths!) on the way up and put in about 8 hours into the game.  My quest log is still full of items, and I have oh, maybe 15 spots on the map discovered. I think I could play this game for 100 hours and still have stuff to find.

Great stuff: Play how you want, voices are better than Oblivion, dual spell casting, no base stats, great perk choices, lots of crafting choices, music, the entire look of the world, lighting is much better, giants, dragons!!!

Bad stuff: Bugs and enough to find one per play session, poor inventory management (though better than Oblivion), console controls, never enough magicka (mana) making it near impossible to play a pure caster, things weigh too much (50 lbs of potions, really?), uneven difficulty (better than Oblivion though) and it feels like crack.


Secondly is the SWTOR beta.  Last weekend was an open beta and the devs say players logged in 1 million hours.  If the average play over the weekend was 4 hours, that’s 250K people, which I highly doubt.  Naturally, the server populations were high during that time, now they are practically empty.  You can find a beta key on what, 99% of gaming websites now?  Tens of thousands are being handed out for free so it’s an open closed beta I guess.  Waiting on the NDA to lift before I can put up some impressions and details but all of you can see that it’s a themepark MMO in the style of WoW, Rift and LOTRO.  When that NDA drops though, expect a point by point post.